School Charter

School Vision

Best for Boys Through the Right Learning

Our school vision, presented to the school community, underpins what we expect of our school in the future.  In all that we do we will promote what is Best for Boys, and we will do that through offering right learning that is fit for purpose for each and every boy.

School Mission

Our mission is to create and sustain a rich and diverse learning culture in which all boys can strive and excel.  This means all boys, regardless of background, will be encouraged to push for personal excellence. They will be supported by a school ethos that values them.  The key element is culture; the way in which we do things, that will guide them in their future.

School Values

Creating men of oak through: Perseverance, Excellence, Courage, Honour and Respect.  These values will underpin their journey through the school and prepare them for life beyond our gates.