All costs given in NZ$. GST included.

2018 Fees

Please note that there will be a fees increase for 2018.

The new fees are as follows:

Tuition Fees: $14,500
Administration Fees: $350
Accommodation Liaison Fees: $250
Homestay $12,500
Hostel  $14,000

2017 Fees

Tuition $13,500
Disbursements (Unused money is refunded) $1,000
Uniform (All new items) $750
Administration $300
Accommodation liaison fee $200
Insurance (full year, 365 days) $580
Accommodation Options
Boarding Hostel (full school year including term) $13,500
Homestay $12,000

1. Course Fee $13,500

  • Covers normal school tuition- extra costs detailed above.
  • Text books (on loan)
  • Access to school library facilities
  • English language classes

2. Homestay Fee $12,000 , Boarding hostel costs $13,500

  • Paid for 47 weeks approx
  • No refund if student goes away during the term holidays.

3. Uniform $750

  • All boys at Otago Boys’ High School wear uniform during the school day. Costs can be reduced if boys bring their own black leather shoes and senior boys bring 3 long sleeved, white business shirts.

4. Disbursements $1,000 Unused funds are refunded.

  • Class trips
  • Sport
  • Cultural activities including music lessons
  • Class write-on workbooks
  • Extra class materials (woodwork, food and nutrition, art etc)
  • Examination fees
  • Boarding hostel activities

5. Insurance

  • The New Zealand Government requires all International Students to have travel and medical insurance. We use Uni-Care NZ Student Plan: www.uni-care.org covering the full year (365 days).

6. Personal Expenses

  • The student will be expected to pay from his personal allowance for any taxis, bus fares, cell phones and data plans, travel, visas, personal clothing, holiday activities and additional tutors

7. Refund

  • Refunds up to the beginning of the course are payable in full except for a $500 administration fee. Once the course starts there will be no refund. See our Refund Policy for further details.