About OBHS Foundation

To make a point of difference - the simple rationale behind the formation of the Otago Boys' High School Foundation in June 2005.

In the pursuit of a superior education since its establishment in 1863 and long the yardstick by which other secondary schools have measured themselves, Otago Boys' has forged a magnificent record in the classroom, in sport and drama, the arts and culture.

The contribution to New Zealand society of the school's pupils, teachers, parents and supporters is immeasurable.

However, the objectives of providing educational excellence and maintaining the school's position among the leaders in this country are threatened by the pressure of on-going funding issues.

No longer can schools of the status and reputation of Otago Boys' function satisfactorily on government grants and fees alone. To rely on such a strategy would result in a reversal of standards for a school which has traditionally played a critical role in the lives of everyone associated with it.

After 18 months of research and consultation, the Foundation was established in June 2005 with its sole mission being to generate a financial base in the years ahead, allowing the school to make a point of difference as it seeks to offer the best secondary education in New Zealand.

This is a vision to which we are thoroughly committed as today's decision-makers plan for future generations.

In the short time since it was established, the Foundation has generated some terrific support. Commitment has gone past the $500,000 mark, this amount comprising pledges and donations ranging from $100,000 to $20.

Among the initial targets for Foundation funding are

  • a new or entirely refurbished boarding hostel
  • a new technology block and IT centre
  • the upgrading of such iconic buildings as the Shand and McIndoe
  • scholarships for both new entrants and leavers, and the attraction and retention of the highest calibre of teachers
  • the attraction and retention of the highest calibre of teachers, and a desire to reduce staff/pupil ratios to open the way for an even better education
  • a revamped museum
  • the upkeep of the school’s lodge at Mt Aspiring
  • the possibility of a fee-free school, opening the way for all who wish to attend to apply for enrolment

The most successful educational institutions are those with visionary fundraising programmes.

Otago Boys' High School, already able to boast a proud record in contributing to New Zealand and global society through the education of its 24,000-plus alumni, is set to benefit enormously through the establishment of the Foundation. With education the second-largest industry in the world, the work of the Foundation will ensure the pupils of Otago Boys' continue to be leaders in the generations ahead.

Educating young people is an inherently worthwhile activity. Schools must be proud of their work as should Foundations such as ours. Educating the young men of today is a tangible, worthwhile and long-lasting investment in New Zealand 's social and economic future.