OBHS / OGHS School Production - High School Musical

By James Williamson | Posted: Wednesday July 5, 2017

When I put my name down for the 2017 Otago Boys' and Otago Girls' production I was expecting a lot. Having participated last year, I didn’t think It could be much better than our previous performance.

Though if you came along to the show I think you’ll agree this year’s show went above and beyond anybodies expectations. Even though I wasn’t cast as a lead in the show I still felt like I was a part of an amazing group. 

Under the expert direction of Nick Tipa (an old boy of our school) we grew closer together and made numerous new friends. Even though the rehearsals were long, and there were plenty of Friday afternoons when I wish I could be at home relaxing after the long week, we came together and dedicated ourselves until we produced something we could be truly proud of. 

Performing on the amazing set built by our own students and under the lights with the brilliant backstage helpers who put in the hours to make sure the microphones and set were all up to scratch. 

After 3 months of challenging work, when we were warming up in the Green Room ready for the opening night, no one could have expected the amazing feedback we would receive. But the enjoyment and satisfaction in providing a fantastic show would have been enough of a reward in itself. 

I feel honored that I got the opportunity to be a part of the show one more time next year and look forward to seeing what comes our way.

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