School Undertakes AWE Survey

By Adrienne Buckingham | Posted: Thursday June 29, 2017

This week was a big one for our students as boys, people and future adults. The school kicked off our first Assessment of Wellbeing in Education (AWE) Survey. 

The AWE is a psychologically validated assessment that we are using to look at the health of our whole school community; students and staff. Evidence suggests, optimum performance in academics, sports and any endeavour is rooted in positive wellbeing and strong mental fitness. The school is interested in observing, measuring and boosting our ‘population positivity’ and performance over time. The surveys are anonymous unless a user chooses to share his results. Boys who score low on wellbeing or high in anti-social areas are given the option of alerting the school. This alert is followed up by deans and our guidance counsellor. Low wellbeing in very common this time of year due to the weather, short daylight hours and the stress of end of term. Change in mood is very normal.

Dr Damian Scarf, old boy and Psychology Lecturer at Otago University, came to the staff room, junior assembly and senior assembly on Tuesday to talk about the importance of psychology and personal wellbeing, introducing the school’s new move to educate students to be confident, resilient men prepared for the stresses and challenges of our changing world.

Otago Boys’ is striving to be the best school for every individual student who chooses to walk through the archway. As the boys progress through life, achievements, sports teams, academics classes and relationships will come and go. Ultimately, the boys will be left with their own minds, hearts and character. We hope to educate our staff and students about how best to develop their own skills and strengths.

Through the right learning, hearts as strong as oak.

A great thing about the AWE is that there are related activities for the boys to use to develop their own mental fitness. Research shows that just by asking about wellness and having the conversation, we are improving our skills and own wellbeing. If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at: