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I originated from an area in North Southland called Balfour, growing up on a sheep and cattle farm. I attended Otago Boys'  as a hostel boy residing in Campbell House for the first three years and then moving into Melrose Street Hostel as one of the first residents.

I have worked outside of Dunedin all my life until I moved back three and a half years ago with my wife and two teenage boys. Our two boys attend Otago Boys'  in Year 10 and 12, and we have two older daughters living away from Dunedin.

I have worked in the Information Technology field, Finance, Building  and Grape Growing Industries. More recently I have set up a company to take High Speed Internet to Rural districts, which has been very rewarding in being able to address a current problem for rural New Zealanders.

I have been involved with Otago Boys' Hostel for the past three years. The hostel now has an on-going maintenance program to revitalise the premises, keeping the hostel up to date and attractive for country students who provide a great heartbeat and diversity for Otago Boys'.

I bring this expertise mixed with my life experiences to the Old Boys' Society/Foundation committee. Our goal is to revitalise the communications to all of the ex pupils of Otago Boys', communicate with the many friends of Otago Boys' and build a closer tie with current students.

Our team is made up of Brent Alexander, Paul Twemlow, Geoff Bates and John Blaikie.  Over the next 12 months our goal is to engage you all back into the challenges, celebrations, memories of one of the greatest public schools in New Zealand.

We congratulate all ex-pupils, friends of the school and students for promoting Otago Boys' High School back in our communities and overseas.

We welcome open discussions or your opinion about any topic.

Contact us today by contacting myself or one of our team, via email [email protected]