Term 2 Students Of The Term

By OBHS | Posted: Wednesday July 26, 2017

This week at assembly the Students of the Term for Term 2 were announced. Congratulations to the following students:

Year 9
Tame Perenara

Diligent, respectful, considerate with a good sense of humour. He has performed highly academically and has been a full participant in the Year 9B cricket side. He is a superb Art student, independently motivated and consistently on task.

Year 10
Viswanath Berry

Viswanath works quietly in class. A polite friendly student with a positive attitude toward learning. He sometimes finds the work challenging but never gives up! A pleasure to teach.

Year 11
Jack Fisher

Nailing the balance of academic and cultural representation for the school. It takes a great deal of courage to get up in front of crowds and act, sing, and perform, he works hard to practise his singing and guitar playing, and he displays an abundance of talent.

Year 12
Reuben Wairau

Reuben is conscientious and engaged. He is making excellent progress and is a pleasure to teach. He is really ambitious academically and puts in the hard yards to get there.

Year 13
Boyd MacPherson

Boyd has really upped his game and has expressed the desire to be top of 13MAT this year. He works hard in class, listens and then turns up at lunch time often just using the classroom as a space to work in his spare time. Boyd respects all students in his form class, displaying leadership and care.